Dimitri Karakostas

b. 1988 in Toronto.
Dimitri Karakostas is a chronic self-publisher of both writing and art books, currently working on 'various mysterious projects.'
He was a photographer, publisher, and art director for many years before opting to work on the internet when not writing books that are difficult to read.

Say hello: karakostas.office@gmail.com
For commercial work and requests, please email workforworkfour@gmail.com.


2021     Psychology, Yale University, New Haven CT
2011     Media Studies, OCAD University, Toronto CA

Selected Clients / Editorials

             Aeon, AnOther, Bad Nudes, Beautiful/Decay, Boooooooom!, CBC, Chasseur, Chrome, Color 12, Colour, Complex, Contra Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Desillusion, Double Double Whammy, Do Not Research, Elle, Exclaim, Fader, Fecal Face, Foam, Forest Family Records, Format, Hamburger Eyes, Huck, HUF, Hype Williams, Juxtapoz Magazine, Lamono, Lomography International, Mood, MTV, Neutral Spaces, Ne Ultra, Nike SB, NXNE, Ozon, Purple, Rolling Stone, Romka, Sailor Jerry, Subbacultcha!, Swatch, The Editorial, The Journal, The Meander, Thrasher, Toyota, TVO, Vice, Vogue.

Solo Exhibitions

2017     "Now That's What I Call 'Contemporary Painting,'" The Studio, Toronto CA
2017     "Paintings for Condos," The Studio, Toronto CA
2016     "Dodgy Dossier," Tarot Atelier, Toronto CA
2015     "Nonviolent Working Class Criminals Live Forever," 1610 Queen, Toronto CA
2015     "Domestic Success," Spring Snakes, Toronto CA
2014     "The Diplomats," Trafo Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin PL
2014     "Moments Like This Never Last," The Newsstand, Brooklyn NY
2012     "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want," 33/45, Barcelona ES
2011     "Temporary Infinity," Lens Factory, Toronto CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022     "The Patriot," O'Flaherty's, New York NY
2021     "I Never Read," Messe Basel, CH
2020     "Right In The Feels," Galerie de L'Erg, Brussels BE
2016     "The End of Living / The Beginning of Survival," 'The Studio,' Toronto CA
             "Antimatter," Dunham Gallery, Toronto CA
2015     "Left Eye Lives," HK Mansion, Palo Alto CA
             "Last Days," No Fixed Address, Brooklyn NY
             "Messy Isn't It?," Art Basel Outsider, Miami FL
2014     "The Skinny Dipping Report," Lost Weekend, New York NY
             "Zine Buffet," Seeing Things, San Francisco CA
             "The Cold Show," Cold Space, Toronto CA
             "The Public of Nature," Art Basel Outsider, Miami FL
             "Odds and Ends," Yale University, New Haven CT
2013     "Don't Trust Anyone Over 30," Creatures Collective, Toronto CA
             "I Never Read," Volkshaus, Basel, CH
             "Don't Blow It," The Gallery, Los Angeles CA
             "Riot," Doomed Gallery, London UK
             "Lifecycles," Hermann and Audrey, Toronto CA
             "Last Guest," Island, Berlin DE
             "Small Press," Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney AU
             "Nostalgia for the Present," Forgetus, Toronto CA
             "Stop Talking," White House, Toronto CA
             "Disposable?," The Louisiana, Bristol UK
             "Don't Trust Anyone Over 30," Creatures Collective, Toronto CA
             "Now That's What I Call Photography 30," Bristol School, Bristol UK
             "Xerox and Destroy," Doomed Gallery, London UK
             "Big Fits Better," Phillipines Embassy, Barcelona SP
             "Lamono Re-Launch," Grokstore, Barcelona SP
             "End of the Roll," Kind of Gallery, Sydney AU
             "Tell Me All About It," Capital, Toronto CA
             "Floaters," MJ, Geneva CH
             "Event Horizon," Quad Gallery, Derby UK
             "Print and Staple," The Tate, Sydney AU
2012     "Link," Akademia Sztuki, Szczecin, PL
             "Photocopy Club," Beach, London, UK
             "Urban Lovers," Agias Eirnis Square, Athens GR
             "Dark Arts," Grape and Grain, San Mateo CA
             "Are You Afraid of the Dark?," Gallery 1581, Toronto CA
             "Impressed," Galerie Arko, Nevers FR
             "Independent Photography Festival," Tinning Street, Melbourne, AUS
             "Musicians," Foam Gallery, Amsterdam, NE
2011     "I've Zine the Darkness," Galerie Dieschonestadt, Halle DE
             "Presents," Hyperallergic, Brooklyn NY
             "Self-Published," Camera Club of NY, New York NY
             "Nofound Photofair," Garage Turrene Paris FR
             "Oh My Book," Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles FR
             "Disturber," Ono Gallery, Bologna IT
             "Show and Tell," mobile exhibition, New York NY
             "I've Zine You," Book Trust, Edinburgh UK
             "Dying Breed," 285 Dundas, Toronto ON
             "ATTN: Library," Kosmos Lane, Tokyo JP
2010     "Publish It Yourself," Maison d'Art Bernard Anthonioz, Paris FR
             "Wordz," Bluffer Gallery, Houston TX
             "14-19," Other Space, London UK
             "Ne Te Promene Donc Pas Toute Nue," Grandpa, Stockholm SE

Exhibition Curation

2014     "Blood of the Young," Create Studios, Brighton UK
2013     "Remio VTS x BOTY," Cabal, Toronto, CA
2012     "Never Comply," Dutil, Vancouver CA
2012     "Format Perspective," Oz Studios, Toronto CA
2011     "Black Box," Garage Turrene, Paris FR
2011     "Mean Hymn," Forgetus, Toronto CA
2010     "Born Into This," Sennate Gallery, Toronto ON

Selected Readings, Panels, Presentations, and Videos

2022     Receiving my PhD (in Minecraft), Online
             Nothing New Under the Sun, International Society for the Study of Surrealism
             The Internet is Serious Business, Online
2021     Who Radicalized You?, Online
             Untitled David Lynch Project, Online
             Quaran.tv, Online
             "The Worst," Online
2020     Capitalist Plagiarism: Is This an Alternative?, Online
             Brand New Art Show at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto CA
             Monday Night Memes: Doomer via Josh Citarella, Online
             Call of Duty: Theory Audiobooks, Online
             Call of Duty: Derive, Online
             The Rave Theory, Online
             The Incel Nostradamus, Online
             Karakostas Nite Live!, Online
             You'll Cowards Don't Even Nightcore, Online
             Calm Soothing Sounds for Conspiracy Boys, Online
             The Very Best of Billy Joel: The Poems, Toronto CA
2019     The Culture of Narcisism: A Meme By Mistake, Online
             Dirty Laundry 4, Toronto CA
             "Erotica," Online
             The Very Best of Billy Joel: The Poems, Toronto CA
2018     242526, Online
             Draft, Toronto CA
             Surveillance Books, Toronto CA
             Borderline Definitions, Toronto CA
             The Greatest Art is to Endure, Toronto CA
2017     Strictly for my Instagram, Online
2015     Ne Ultra, Online
2012     Self-Publishing Panel, Xpace, Toronto CA
2011     Sex on Vacation, Toronto CA 2010     Stop Talking, Toronto CA
2009     Wham City and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Toronto CA
2008     Pain Never Ends, Toronto CA


2023     Risk Management (upcoming)
             The Only Book in English on Marc Dutroux (upcoming)
2022     Board Up the House
             The Pleasure of Process, the Torture of Production
2021     Self-Portrait in a LED Screen
             Cool Memories
             The Complete Erased Works of Michel Houellebecq
             Most Poems Die on the Operating Table
             Epic Poetry
2020     Plagiarism and Schizophrenia
             Perversion to Match the Curtains
             "Tesoro" Meaning "Sweetheart"
             Public Display of Affection
             I Die in a Vulgar Style, By the Grace of God
             Video Nasty
             From the Window to the Wall
             Subscribe to my Premium Poetry Snapchat [...] Make It Look So Pretty That It Goes Away
             I Use WebMD to Diagnose Myself With As Many Diseases as Possible [...]
             The Greatest Art is to Endure
             You're Up to Your Ass in Alligators, Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life
             Threat Assessment Center
             Transparency 2000
             Oprah's Book Club: The Book
             Wasting Time on the Internet
2019     No Masters No Masterpieces
             Erased by Grace
             Abandonment Issues
             How Much Jest Can You Take?
             0kb File Size Post-Ritalin High
             Big Sky Windows Vista
             If I Did It
             I Can't Wait to Make You Cum to Calvino
             All Art is Bad: Especially Mine!
2019-    Source Book
2014     Oracle
             The Juelz of Harlem
             Existential Dread
             Sacred Geometry
             Depression Era
             Sometimes I Think of You Everyday

Selected Solo Zines/Chapbooks

2022     Annual Checkup
             Annihilation? Destroy?
2021-    Can't Go On the Road Due to the Nationwide Quarantine
2018     A Stagerring Work of Heartbreaking Genius
             Whatever #1-2
             The Map and the Territory #1-2
             16 Pages Regarding a Wall Painted at Bloor and Lansdowne
             Paintings for Condos #1-2
             Now That's What I Call "Contemporary Painting" #1-2
             Dictionary of Rescued Ideas
             The Best Words in the Best Order
             "Au Revoir" Pronounced "Forever"
             "Merci" Pronounced "Messy"
             Extremely Happy Until Further Notice
             No Need to Choke Me, I'm Already Breathless
             Macbook Pro in Sleep Mode
             Ulysses Part Two
             Tres Chic
             Raptors Poems
             Pornhub Poems
             Karakostas Comix
             Mood Journal Illustraded by Attitude Era WWF Fan Signs
             Oracle #1-12
             Alexa, I've Given You All and Now I Am Nothing
             You in 3 1/2 Because of Me, I Completely Five
             I'm Diffi-cult-icult-icult-icult
             "very minimal slogan based high fashion streetwear"
             Erased by Grace
             Last Modifed 2012-01-31
             Just Because That's Where the Light Is
             I Still Think About Killing Myself Twice a Day
             I Have the Proof, You'll Have Your Revenge
             Probably 'Beautiful' Spelled Wrong
             The Setting is a World Where Tupac was Never Killed
             24 Hour Workday Unreality
             Sometime There is No Next Time
             Let's Take ACAB
             Lonely Girl Fucks Herself to Sad Music
             The Reference Librarian's Unromantic Fantasy
             Lovemaking at the Execution
             I Love Lov
             Hold my Last Words Against Me
             The Problem has Become a Composite of Other Problems
             This is Going to Look Stupid in Twelve Point Times New Roman
             I Used to Not Look Both Ways when Crossing the Street LOL
2017-    Living Well is the Best Revenge
2007     30,000 Pounds of Love Songs
             I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Googling Their Names Obsessively
             Punch Yourself in the Face and Drop Dead
             Road Work
             The Front
             The Diplomats
             These Things Don't Matter but It's All I Remember
             Je Peux Rien Faire de Bon
             Ce Travail est Mal Fait
             Promethazine Daydream
             Karat Diamond Jump-Off
             Lotto Pick-3 Cashpot Dollaz Lucky-5
             Austerity Measures
             Your Days of Wine and Roses are Over
             Together We're Nothing
             I Feel Totally Fine
             I Love to Watch You Leave
             I Slept Fine
             I Think We're Alone Now
             PKRE Journal
             Kill Me
             Goodbye Forever
             See Ya Never!
             You Better Have a Good Reason Why
             God is Everywhere
             Jah Will Provide
             Expensive Habits
             The Day I Quit Smoking
             Guide to Success
             Who Cares?
             It's Fine
             No! No! No!
             I Just Want to Be Successful
             It Doesn't Look Like You're Lying to Me
             This Zine Cost $40,000 so It Must Be Worth $40,000
             Don't Mention It
             Portrait of the Young Artist as Bart Simpson
             My Son is Also Named Bort
             All of This Will End
             I'll Clap When I'm Impressed
             Robot Sex Hotline, #1-4
             Pentultimate Partygraph #1-3
             Cultural Barf #1-4
             Copycat Magic Under Silent Protections of Clinging and Something Special
             He Would but Fortunately I Am and No, You or I Are Not His Hologram
             Every Other Sidewalk Crack Reminds of Something Recent or Redundant

Split Zines

2021-    Neutral Spaces (w/ Brad Phillips, Tao Lin, +)
2008     Heartbreak in Bordeaux (w/ Gabriel Parniak)
             Poor Shape (w/ Brittany Shepherd)
             It Could Be Worse (w/ Lewis Chaplin)
             Skate Tough (w/ Mood NYC)
             Poems I Don't Write Change Me More (w/ Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez)

Projects of Note

Now -    NDA-IRL
2022     I joined NDA-IRL to help manage more 'clandestine' clients - as of November 2022, we exclusively run the comms for several high-              profile personalities, averaging 3m+ impressions a month.

2022-    Work Four
2014     I suppose it would be easier to say that I primarily offered my services in the world of memetics - something McLuhan would have              appreciated. The idea was to 'sell products based on jokes,' which we did - we did a lot.

2017-    Tarot Magazine / Family Business
2014     A more 'formal' magazine despite focusing on the subversive peaks of photography and writing.
             This project was based out of NY but effectively died when we got sick of using Tumblr.

2016-    Blood of the Young
2008     A fairly 'major' publishing venture. We released 200+ zines/books in just over five years. Everything was hand-made.
             Honestly, this project recieved high praise and we held exhibitions worldwide and collaborated with every artist I ever liked.
             Despite being rooted in physical media, we averaged ~500k unique page views/month online.

2015-    Media @ Red Bull Arts New York
2013     Pretty much just focused on graffiti, working on panels and exhibitions.

2014     Project Manager @ AM Gallery

2013     Contributing Writer @ Beautiful/Decay Magazine

2013-    Online Photo Editor @ Vice Magazine
2011     I would tell you what is cool and you would believe me.

2011-    Super Joy
2009     Co-founded this multipurpose gallery/venue with a focus on experimental music and art.